Brent Dey

writer, director, creative thinker

Brent Dey has strategized content, directed large video and multimedia projects and written copy for leading companies in hospitality, financial services and information technology. He has been lead copywriter on marketing campaigns, internal communications programs, print advertisements and video scripts for B2B and B2C marketing. 

Brent's solid understanding of business and marketing principles is matched by an often-hilarious creative sensibility that has been honed through participation in various creative organizations throughout Atlanta. He helped establish one of Atlanta’s first improvisational comedy troupes(Whole World Theatre) and has been active in the local independent film community as a founding member of The Atlanta Dailies Film Project.

A strategic and critical thinker, Brent uses techniques developed through years of creative storytelling to make the complicated understandable and the attractive irresistible. He has an innate sense of organization and quickly grasps new concepts. His warm affinity for people translates to an immediate sense of what will resonate with different audiences. In short, Brent knows how to communicate with people with stories that inspire and sell. 



Line producer

Thomas Cantley is responsible for keeping projects on time and within budget. Remarkably, he never comes off as a taskmaster. He is a supportive team player whose strong diplomatic skills and easy demeanor go a long way in keeping the client, cast and crew happy.   

Thomas draws from extensive experience producing music videos and managing high profile photo shoots for the fashion industry – from Marc Jacobs to Alexander Wang. While living in New York City, he produced red carpet events for The MTV Music Video Awards and worked on television programs like Project Runway.

Since relocating to Atlanta, Thomas has been active in the Atlanta film community where he is Executive Director of his first feature film – a documentary about his life-threatening diagnosis and life-affirming success in beating a cancer. He’s our problem solver. Having conquered cancer and dealt diplomatically with the Kardashians on the runway, Thomas can take on any challenge on set.      


jose acosta

director of photography / visual effects

Jose Acosta had the good fortune of seeing ‘Star Wars’ when he was at the impressionable age of twelve. That experience inspired him to devote his life to telling stories – both through digital animation and live action photography. His most recent creation is the nationally syndicated television special Edgar Allen Poe's Mystery Theater. 

Jose was an early adaptor of digital animation and motion effects. He helped write the original Computer Animation BFA curriculum for the Art Institute International. When he’s not creating visual worlds for Spoke productions, he can often be found behind the camera. As the owner of a wide array of ARRI, SONY and RED cameras, Jose has lensed projects for Delta Airlines, Dunkin’ Donuts and Home Depot.

Jose’s mastery of visual effects and documentary photography are a rare combination. His easy-going manner and collaborative spirit make every production a pleasurable experience. His understanding of the technical aspects of production and authority with large production staff ensure that your vision will be captured at the highest quality possible.


Brandon ross

art director / master of puppets

Brandon Ross is one of Atlanta’s most innovative Art Directors. His work has appeared in theatrical, musical, film and commercial productions for clients as diverse as Home Depot, Toys R Us, MTV, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel and pretty much all of the Turner Networks. He is a leading collaborator at Atlanta’s innovative Zombie Cat Studios where he works with frequent Spoke collaborators Molly Coffee and Raymond Carr.

Brandon’s exceptional interpersonal skills have proven invaluable when working with celebrities ranging from Katy Perry, Rufus Wainright, Bill Gates and John Hodgman . He is indispensable as a sounding board for ideas, capable of writing original music for productions and fabricating intricate set pieces and puppets, if the script calls for it. Some of his more famous puppets include the Sea Creatures that welcome visitors to the Georgia Aquarium and the lobby-sized ‘Dire Wolf,’ which thrilled audiences at HBO’s Game of Thrones premiere.

Brandon’s creative energy is infectious. He juggles, he hosts robot boxing matches and he is a regular fixture at the Center for Puppetry Arts. He is an ‘Art on the Beltline’ recipient and his lobby murals beautiful the city – from The Plaza Theater’s RKO mural to Discovery Channel’s ‘How Stuff Works’ lobby mural. 

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