Spoke Releases "Reckless Needs" by Michelle Dubois

Last year, we made a music video for one of our favorite Atlanta artists, K. Michelle Dubois. We're really proud of how this one turned out and are surprised by the reception. Within half a day of posting it, we already had 600 views! Give it a look if you have a moment. 

"The concept came to me when my dad gave me a box of old records he got at a garage sale for $10," says director Brent Dey. "I had this vision of making a video where the band is smashing up records in an antique shop, and it sort of went from there to this idea of using the members of the band (and some hair and makeup tricks) to re-create classic album covers."

The video plays homage to some of our favorite artists, including Adam Ant whom most of us got to see later in the year at Variety Playhouse and Tom Petty whom unfortunately passed after we finished production. Lovers of vinyl records will have fun tracking through the video to see which of their favorite artists are represented.

This project was a labor of love, and there was a lot of work that went into it. Makeup and hair were done by Noel Hernandez and Michele Alderman and wardrobe was handled by Melissa Mason Buck. The albums were recreated against a green screen at Encyclomedia and then composited by Atlanta visual effects artist Daniel Travis Phillips. Breck Prewitt, Azariah Oldacre and Brent Dey all handled camera duties. Russell Kaye served as lighting director, Matt Brohammer did art direction and Pablo Stewart Harris engineered a full scale turntable rig for us to record the band playing on. Color correction was performed by John Peterson at Moonshine Post. 

Our on-camera talent were Michelle Dubois (singer, guitar), Chris Lopez of the Rock A Teens (singer), Jim Pribble on Bass, Dan Dixon on drums and Andre Griffin on keyboards. These people make a tremendous noise live. Catch them if they come to your town!

We shot principal photography at three of Atlanta's most beloved independently run businesses - Wax 'N Facts Records and Highland Row Antiques and the always fantastic Encyclomedia studios. We are eternally grateful for the support of these businesses and the ease with which they were able to collaborate. At the heart of it, rock and roll and the song "Reckless Needs" are about the independent spirit. So we would like everyone to run out and support their local businesses  immediately after watching this video. 

Thanks... and share widely!