Spoke Wraps Production at Beautiful Serenbe Farms

A broken-down motorcycle strands a young recruit on his way to a job interview. Fortunately, the taxi driver that comes to his rescue not only provides transportation, she is also the source of indispensable advice on how to construct his resume.

This video, which was shot at the beautiful Serenbe Farms just outside of Atlanta is the fifth in Spoke Creative's series of Branding U videos for the accounting firm, KPMG. "It's important that our recruits aren't held back because they don't know the proper way to format a resume or conduct a job interview," says T. Kurera, Associate Director, University Relations and Campus Recruiting for KPMG. "We've created these videos to give our recruits the job-placement skills they'll need to stand out."

KPMG tasked Spoke Creative with approaching each video as a short film. "We wanted to do something different with each video," says Jason Lehansky, Campus Recruiting Manager for KPMG. "We've been amazed at the ideas Brent has thrown at us. He's created a completely unexpected world for each project, while maintaining a sense that each video is stylistically part of the same program."

Brent built his concept for this video around a phrase KPMG uses in training - Your Resume Is Your Billboard. "I thought it would be cool to cast our taxi driver as an unexpected resume expert, and then use our skills in virtual production to actually build resumes billboards that would highlight the things she is talking about as they pass them by." 

Eventually, the taxi winds up on the grounds of an organic farmer whom our recruit once worked for. When he tells the taxi driver he left his farm experience off his resume "because I didn't think it would apply," we do a quick tour of the farm showing how every work experience can demonstrate a skill that would be valuable to an employer.

Serenbe proved to be a beautiful location in which to film and the Serenbe staff was incredibly easy to work with. We particularly liked working with the vintage taxi rented from Southern Picture Cars. As usual, we had a tremendous cast, with Sheylon Haywood staring as our taxi driver, comedic actor Brian Welch as our farmer and Justin Calalay as our recruit. Brent was excited to work with old friends Lance Holland and Sean Peiffer in the camera department, Charles Bickelman in lighting and core crew members Thomas Cantley and Brandon Ross as line producer and art department. 

This is our last project with our field editor, Drew Lang who moves to New York this month. Best wishes and happy travels!