It Was Fifty Years Ago Today...

We're huge Beatles fans here at Spoke, so it should be no surprise that we're celebrating the groundbreaking album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band on the fiftieth anniversary of its release. We're also celebrating one of our most ambitious projects we have ever been involved in - the recreation of the Sgt. Pepper album as a series of short films for PushPush Theater's Dailies Film Project. 

The project was conceived by lead Spokesman Brent Dey in the summer of 2003. "What struck me about the Dailies Projects we had done up to that time," says Dey, "is how much the stylistic diversity of each film felt like a mix tape. That's when I wondered what it would be like to re-create a classic album not as a series of music videos, but as a series of short films." Brent enlisted the help of some of Atlanta's top filmmakers, actors and musicians to put the project together. Each song on the album was reflected not as a music video, but with a narrative film. "There were a lot of great films in this project," Brent says, "but for me the standout remains A Day in the Life, directed by Dan Bush."

Bush's film takes the line "I saw a film today, Oh boy. The English Army had just won the war..." and builds a story around the day that a soldier lost his life on the battlefield with the day his son loses his soul some 20 years later when he realizes he is living a life without meaning. It's more than a film, it's a visual poem. "The song is about how passive we are in observing all of these historical moments," says Bush. "There's a famous photo of a Spanish soldier being shot in WWI. It was the end of his life, but for us, it's just a photograph. We look at the picture for a second, and then we turn the page." 

Watch Dan Bush's film today, oh boy... right here.

Dan Bush has gone on since that time to direct three feature films, including the cult hit, The Signal. He is currently in post production on  The Vault, which stars James Franco. Many of the musicians who appeared on the project's companion CD have gone on to fame as well, inducing Bradford Cox, who fronts the legendary local band Deerhunter. Brent's film adaptation for "She's Leaving Home," which was written by Dad's Garage Theater's Mary Kraft can be seen on this website.