Spoke Wraps Production on "Second Chances"

Spoke Creative has just wrapped field production on the latest video for KPMG’s Branding U series on corporate etiquette. “This series has been a lot of fun,” says writer/director Brent Dey. “KPMG realizes that there is a lot of well-produced content out there competing for their target audience’s attention, so they asked us to create a series that would be funny while getting their message across.” 

The Branding U series has placed a job interview in a boxing ring and featured a woman meeting her future self on the Internet to discuss the fallout of a bad social media post. The latest video, which is about the importance of building a strong professional network, is presented as a sitcom, complete with corny jokes. In our sitcom, a failed racecar driver has to come home and live with his brother and nephew because he didn’t have a strong enough network to build a full pit crew. This 'crazy racecar uncle' passes on wisdom about networking through bad racing metaphors and dramatic “teachable moments,” played up for comedic effect.

The project stars frequent Spoke collaborators Matt Alea and Paul Ryden. We also worked with newcomer Ethan Jackson. Lowery Brown had us in stitches with his portrayal of the racecar driving uncle. “The idea was to poke fun at the sitcoms our target audience grew up with,” says T Kurera, Associate Director, KPMG University Relations and Campus Recruiting. “You have to have a really good cast and a really good director to pull off comedy, and these guys nailed it.”

Fellow Spokespeople came on board – Jose Acosta as DP, Dan Phillips led grip and electric, Melissa Mason Buck led wardrobe and Brandon Ross led our art department. The project also featured the newest spokesman, Thomas Cantley as Assistant Director. “I’ve never seen a company take such a fun and clever approach to corporate video,” Cantley says. “They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, but my impression of KPMG and Spoke is that these guys know what they’re doing!”