Spoke Revisits Classic Album Covers for Music Video

Spoke recently completed production on a music video for Atlanta recording artist K. Michelle Dubois’s new single “Reckless Needs.” The song is a duet with Chris Lopez, from the legendary Atlanta band, the Rock*A*Teens. “I toured with Chris in 2014. Just watching his effect on a true-blue fan. It's a thing that a straight-laced fan has a need to watch an unattainable person they adore have the freedom to fall apart onstage. And likewise, the person onstage can grow to feel that it's almost their duty to be as carefree as possible. The fan and the performer - they need each other to be reckless." 

The music video, which was conceived and directed by Brent Dey re-visits classic albums through the decades. “I wanted to celebrate the fact that this was Michelle's first solo release to vinyl. I had this vision of her standing in a record store and singing a duet with Iggy Pop’s Raw Power record and the idea kind of took off from there,” he says. “We picked iconic albums that could all be re-created with members of Michelle's band in the studio - like Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors and Kraftwerk’s Man Machine. Things just sort of snowballed from there.” 

“It’s funny that Brent zeroed in on the Iggy Pop thing,” Dubois says. “When I wrote the song, I had Iggy in mind for the way I wanted Chris to sound.” Lopez was a good sport throughout the project, stripping off his shirt in a cold studio to recreate the classic Iggy look and standing on the edge of a spinning table so he could be superimposed to appear as if he was singing on a turntable. “It was an adventure, to say the least,” Lopez says. “In one day I got to be Adam Ant, Iggy Pop and David Bowie. Who could ask for more?”

Tom Petty : "Damn the Torpedoes" 

 The video, was shot by Breck Prewitt and Azariah Oldacre and featured spot-on wardrobe and makeup from Melissa Mason Buck, Michelle Napier and Noel Hernandez. Currently the project is in post production. “Visual effects artist Daniel Travis Phillips keeps texting me images of the albums as he creates them, and I have to do a double take because they look so much like the real thing,” Dey says. Look for a formal video release in early April and purchase Michelle Dubois’ album ‘Astral Heart’ online at  https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kmichelledubois14